Debate in Parliament the absence of an effective policy for the treatment of M.E


Dolores Abernathy
Yes, I would agree with @Cinders66 on the wording & recipients but disagree with the notion activism in the UK is poor ("my country is better than yours"?!?!?), many people here have done an excellent job often at the expense of their own health.

Over the years the UK parliament has received various petitions. May I humbly suggest that it isn't the correct route?

What is the correct route?

How about the heads of the organisations which give the £ millions to Esther Crawley, King's College London et el?

Who would that be?

The heads of the MRC, NIHR (National Institute for Health Research), the Wellcome Trust (if they are being tapped up to fund MEGA) & Esther Craw;=ley's step dad...Stephen Holgate

Why not politicians?

Most don't know anything about ME/CFS & they will be fobbed off with the standard reply from the MRC (We ignorantly give £x millions each year to Esther Crawley)


Target Esther Crawley's paymasters
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