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#DeadlineTime: U.K. Government Petition & Instagram Action Demanding a Task Force on Drugs for ALL Post Viral Diseases


This is a message for all British citizens: please could you consider signing, Texting, Emailing, Tweeting, Facebooking and generally throwing your collective weight behind the following U.K. Government petition?

There were already several current government petitions up on Long Covid and ME/ CFS here in the U.K. but none appeared to be rising to mass attention at present despite the urgency of the scenario that is now upon us. Perhaps this is because people currently have so many different issues to contend with during these difficult times?

Either way, as a Post Viral old-timer, if there’s one thing I know the Post Viral community know how to do well it’s a proactive approach to a petition!

So having pondered on what to do I consulted a helpful Clerk on the Petitions Committee in the House of Commons who helped me to create what they suggested was a more practical request to the government to help provide more focused traction on the URGENT need for pharmaceutical interventions for ALL Post Viral diseases by asking them to set up a Government Task Force responsible for working with Global Science and Big Pharma in order to bring about solutions in as speedy a manner as possible.

To this end, here is our petition which also is just about to go live on the UK ME Association’s website:




To further ‘turn up the volume’ on this petition my family, friends and I decided to accompany it with an Instagram campaign which requests that Post Viral patients, their carers, advocates, family members, friends and associates take a simple selfie pointing to their watch with a caption explaining why THEY each think it’s #DeadlineTime on drugs for ALL Post Viral diseases. If you then take the option to tag the above account (so we can see the volume of numbers demanding this happens) AND your watch brand (that’s really JFF ⏰ 😉) it should help to make our demand highly visible in a way that is fresh and accessible… and who knows? Perhaps if we’re clever we will be able to garner some high profile support? Please don’t shy away from Instagramming this action or forwarding the petition to celebrities, politicians and anyone else who might prove powerful in assisting this most biomedically neglected of patient groups leveraging the support they all so urgently deserve.

Thank you very much indeed for your time and attention.