David Noakes, CEO of GCMAF producer immune biotech jailed for 15 months


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David Noakes, the CEO of immune biotech which produced contaminated GCMAF received a jail sentence of 15 months last December.

BBC article: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-guernsey-46359949

The MHRA (UK FDA) raided and closed the laboratorium in 2015 because it did not meet GMP-standard and they deemed the product to be unsafe and likely contaminated being not suitable for human use.

MHRA press release: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/notorious-noakes-10m-guernsey-gcmaf-crook-imprisoned

MHRA youtube video about Noakes sentencing:

MEassociation article: https://www.meassociation.org.uk/20...idgeshire-mhra-press-release-3-february-2015/


On a personal note, i have used immune biotech GcMAF myself, prescribed by a quack LLMD for so-called chronic lyme disease.

The GCMAF caused an inflammatory storm and the cytokine panel showed extremely elevated levels. I believe it's called IRIS. I do not know if the inflammation caused me any longterm damage, but what i'm more concerned about is possible contamination of the product. Rumors online say Noakes used his own blood for the product. Does anyone know more about that? Contamination with what? Possible viruses or any other pathogens?

I believe GcMAF has potential as a treatment for certain diseases, but certainly not "chronic lyme disease".
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I read GcMAF is not recommended for ME/CFS patients who have inflammatory symptoms to begin with, as it will only worsen that inflammation.

GcMAF did very well on this forum poll on the efficacy of ME/CFS treatments: 29% reported that GcMAF led to a major improvement in their ME/CFS symptoms (in the poll a major improvement was defined as one where a patient moves up one level on the ME/CFS severity scale of very severe, severe, moderate, mild and remission).

One severe bedbound ME/CFS patient on this forum reported being completely cured after a year's treatment using the Goleic GcMAF sold by David Noakes's company Immune Biotech.

The Immune Biotech website can be viewed here on the Wayback Machine.

Obviously unsafe production practices are an issue, and so are unsupported claims of cancer cures; but it's interesting to note that no adverse effects were reported by people using the Immune Biotech product in the above MHRA video (the video only mentioned the potential for adverse effects).

A lot of GcMAF suppliers around the world have been closed down. This effectively removes GcMAF as a treatment option for ME/CFS, as patients on these forums have sometimes found that one formulation of GcMAF may not work for a them, but another formulation will. So it is important to maintain a variety of formulations.