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Crowd sourced advocacy concept


Dolphin Suggested I create a separate thread from what I posted in another advocacy thread.

The intent is to provide an alternative to traditional sources of medical industrial complex funding for those sincerely trying to improve treatments and diagnostics.


Lets say we created a non-profit organization to raise money. Lets call it Patient Response Organization for now. " PRO's".

So "PRO's" creates a presence on the web where people can learn about, and donate to certain causes pre-screened through a unique crowd sourcing concept that utilizes "collective intelligence" to identify to best prospects for research funding.


1) crowd sourcing: a dynamic on the web that allows many people to contribute to an idea.

2) Collective intelligence: using everybody's brains, to develop complex solutions to problems. The results go way beyond what any one individual can achieve alone. Picking apart bogus research papers is well suited to crowd sourcing and collective intelligence. Identifying organizations/people with bad track records is well suited for crowd sourcing also. We need to know if somebody involved was working for a marxist organization or something before. This is not always common knowledge, but crowds have this knowledge.

Might even use the web to be help with study design review(not sure), or maybe just allow review and commentary. The idea is: potential pitfalls and conflicts could be vetted through crowd sourcing and online commentary. Once the review process is complete, donors can see they are donating to a good cause that has been thoroughly vetted. The study design, comments, and other feedback with facebook profiles on the website gives that confidence.

For instance. Researchers design studies that would provide tangible benefits in 5-7 years or whatever is going to yield results soon. The study is put up for review and vetting on the web for a 6 month period before launching. After the review period, the idea can be discarded, or advanced for crowd sourced funding.

Once the review period is finalized, An escrow account is opened up for each cause PRO's is going to fund. Of course this is after crowd sourced review and comment process.

Here are some examples of studies Pro's may decide to fund raise for:

1) One that may provide genetic and nutrional treatment insight for Autism, ME, and Cancer. $500000

2) Another program for diagnostics of cognitive dysfunction. $500000

3) Another program is wind powered wheel chairs. $100000000

Just to recap PRO's is a crowd sourced advoacy organization which:

1) Maintains a web presence that allows selection of research studies.

2) Displays the researchers, the goals of each study, and the funds needed to acheive the goals,

3) Allows online crowd sourced commentary to evaluate the study for viability and objectives of PRO's advocacy organization, and provide credible record of the review process for those considering donating.

4) "Viral" crowd sourced fundraising can proceed from that point on. Anybody can go to the website to decide if they are willing to support that particular cause, based on the study design and commentary from trusted and reputable members of the community. Might need facebook or something to insure we have names and faces attached to the reviews.

The idea being anybody from around the world can help out! The study design and commentary give credibility to the particular study Pro's raises money for!

The exact research study is spelled out for anyone who wants to review, along with the study review comments. So PRO's has a facebook page, webpage, and has other social media presence.

The idea is once a crowd sourcing process is used to identify the most beneficial study, anyone around the world can read the commentary, and anybody can help raise money for those cause that have been screened by the PRO's.


Senior Member
I think this has potential.

I don't think most people know what crowd sourcing is, so maybe that's why you're not getting a response. Are there existing websites or services to manage crowd sourcing that we could use? Is there some example of someone else who has done something similar that you can link to?

I think we should be able to request and pay for our own studies. In other words, not just let researchers come to us pitching their ideas, but propose our ideas and let the researchers come to us and say they will do it.


Glad you like it. It will take some good leadership to make it work smoothly, but hopefully it could be managed part time.

I can't put too much effort in to this other than just conceptual ideas, and would be happy if a terrestrial leader took it over.

You have a good point about proposing research we would want to fund. That is the beauty of it really. I think this community as a whole may arrive at a extremely accurate consensus and be very good at that. Just my impression of the collective intelligence of the group.

I think we essentially crowd source stuff in the forums everyday. Moderators donate their time, and everybody comes in and adds commentary if they feel they have something to add and are feeling up to it.

The trick is to use the best and worst to our advantage.

The best part about crowd sourcing: you get everybody's opinion...

The worst part about crowd sourcing: you get everybody's opinion...