Creative and non creative minds: What About ME movie is looking for you!


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New Vimeo Group - The Start of an Online Community

We have spoken to you on facebook and twitter, on emails, even on the phone for some. NOW however, we want to see you! Not just in still photos but in your life.

If youre interested in being followed with your story featured in our film then please send us a 1-2min(only) clip of yourselves.

We have set up a Vimeo group to upload your stories and experiences. We feel this will be a way of getting to know you more and a way for you to see and know each other! Let's start building the biggest forum of ME/CFS sufferers on the planet.

A minute or two, shot even from your phone, to upload on the link we have here. We want you in your location, just as you are. We look forward to meeting you!

more info: