Covid information from The Medical Letter

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Second star to the right ...
Can't read either document. I get a blank screen for both.
I had problems too. Try Cont+alt+delete, hit the large arrow, go back to the blank page (I got a black page which I've found to be standard for PDF's on my system), hit refresh, then wait a few moments. The first try for me produced the "Your Internet has stopped working ...." box, but once I closed that, the article reluctantly appeared.

Since the first link is still mentioning hydroxychloroquine along with azithro as a treatment under investigation, I'm not sure how current the rest of the data is ....

The second link @Andrew posted opened easily once I got the first link to open, and was a real treasure trove of information on everything that has been mentioned in various articles, and some posts on the site, including interactions with other drugs, CYP34A etc, complications and side effects.

Definitely worth the initial battle, and definitely worth a read.

Thank you @Andrew for posting this information !!!
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