COVID and gut dysbiosis, the flu, nutrition to support immune system

For anybody wanting better health from long covid, like we've been told for thousands of years, all disease begins in the gut.

When we have a food system like this, inflammation/health problems/long covid will be expected.

Also worth bearing in mind is the fact that food nutrition content has been depleted by 30-50% with industrial farming, which will only fuel the possibility of dysbiosis/health problems/long covid.

when dysbiosis is caused a huge variety of problems can be caused, such as diabetes, mental health issues, ME, parkinsons,, the list is endless, simply because of how gut bacteria are tied to our nervous system, every organ in the body including the brain/mind via the vagus nerve.

Flu/covid/viruses themselves can cause dysbiosis/long covid illness-

The problem isnt the covid virus itself, the main problem is peoples nutrition, if the body doesnt have what it needs to function properly then simple things like covid will become more severe, especially when people go to hospital and get given chemicals that further overload the immune system and help to cause cytokine storms and kawasaki disease. Mercury in flu shots is a big problem-

some flu shots themselves increase the risk of getting covid-

If you want to avoid long covid, make sure your immune system has what it needs to work properly so your part of the vast majority of people that get little to no symptoms and natural immunity.

Deficiencies in these nutrients effect the severeity and duration of illness-

Glutathione- (as we get older the body produces less of this)

Vitamin D-


Vitamin C- (research and learn to make liposomal vitamin c!)

also worth pointing out is the fact that people who are asymptomatic are not contagious-

for more information on boosting the immune system as a potential treatment strategy for covid please see-

Hope this helps somebody! :)
Here's another study linking gut bacteria to covid flu issues-

Also worth pointing out is, how many people have acid reflux that are experiencing health problems? did you know its caused by not enough stomach acid? You can boost levels of it with betaine HCL supplements or I used tea made from the herb meadow sweet as well to correct any imbalance or just to aid digestion after eating junk food and high protein foods.

Reflux itself can help cause dysbiosis and nutrient deficiencies.

If you go to a mainstream doctor/GP they'll just put you on antacids or things called proton pump inhibitors which will only deal with the symptoms and cause side effects/other issues.. One of those other issues is being more susceptible to covid flu-

Hope it helps somebody! :)

Do you have any experience with any of this??


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Hi @robenergy - some 15 years ago my chiropractor who does muscle testing helped discover that I was low in stomach acid. My digestion at the time was quite bad, involving my gallbladder and liver. (I also had an overload of toxins as well from heavy chemical exposure at a job many years ago). It's a long story but ended up doing a liver detox, and taking betaine HCL with pepsin, and Betafood from Standard Process helped my gallbladder a lot - in short, my digestion right now is quite good. And I still take betaine HCL with pepsin. I am sure if I had left everything to an M.D., he or she would have removed my gallbladder and put my on a PPI, etc. and I'd be worse off then ever.

Many people with ME/CFS do have low stomach acid - it just seems to be part of it for many of us.

how many people have acid reflux that are experiencing health problems? did you know its caused by not enough stomach acid?
I agree that acid reflux is very often caused by low stomach acid, but not always - but I do think low stomach acid should always be looked into when dealing with acid reflux.

One last thing - the herb meadow sweet has salicylic acid, as does aspirin, so people need to educate themselves about potential negative effects, and use care .when taking it.