Covid-19: The similarities between 'long Covid' and ME


This has been posted on Northern Ireland news site(BBC) today...article written by Claire Smith.

ME/CFS in NI has been treated generally as a mental illness and from my own experience patients are dumped with their GPs and very little(if anything) is done for them.One has to seek one's own treatments and read sites like these to get help.Many GPs here(I think) still don't believe in ME/CFS.

Back in the 1980s Dr Mc Cluskey did research on this subject and there was talk then about a Clinic for such patients.In time these patients were seen as hypochondriacs/mental cases and treated accordingly.Dr Enlander came from New York back around 2011/2012 and talked to those who were interested in this subject.Very few GPs turned up but many patients did and a few politicians too.Later some money was supposedly given for useless treatments like CBT/GET.In NI the treatments for this illness have not progressed since 1980s....and I'm sure it is much the same elsewhere in UK.There are a few GPs like Dr Sarah Myhill who do their best but a lot more could be done.Maybe Covid will speed this up and help all of these patients..