Could someone please help me? Some advice if you would?



Hi there

I wondered if anyone could please help, or give me some advice. I would do anything to get rid of my chronic tiredness. I'm quite proactive towards this fatigue, but have been really suffering the last 4 days, and am really at my wits end... too tired to stay awake, too tired to sleep!

Some more info on my condition. Been like this for 15 years. Took many recreational drugs as a teenager including speed, weed, ecstacy, cocaine etc. Think it started from there? In october 1992 I took speed and ecstacy (at a rave) and was very wasted. The next day I was too scared to sleep as I thought I wouldn't wake. I'm sure that my dire tiredness started from there. Have listed symtoms below. I'm certain I have candida too which I think makes/ adds to my tiredness.

I do have:
Mild Athletes foot (reacuring)
Cold feet
Heel spur - Colloidal Silver has just stopped that in the last week?!
Slight cracks around my groin area that weep. Yeasty and fungal.
Jock itch for at least 15 years. Sorted with coconut oil. Only thing that worked!
Itchy anus
Lower back ache.
Cold hands
Hard to put on weight (have taken body building steriods)
Wind/ burping/Bloating
Upset stomach
Tightness in my chest sometimes.
**Slurring of words most of the time.
Furry tongue
**Poor concentration.
**Poor memory
Sensitivities to noise.
***Constant head fog
***Constant tiredness.
Itchy ears

I don't have:
Sensitivities to smells, fuels, smoke diesel fumes etc. Although I did have a hair analysis done and said I do.
Mercury fillings. Removed Last year, but not done a detox on that.
Food sensitivies
Sinnus issues

I have tried:
etc etc

pH diet for 6 months - pH would not go above 7. Did go from acidic to more alkaline but only slightly. Didn't feel any better, not sure why my pH levels wont go up?

Self administered Hydrogen Peroxide infusion but I got vein sclerosis so I didnt continue.

Oh, I'm all over this thing but still not much progress.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Have just started injecting B12 Hydrox, 3 days in so will see how I get on. I'm going to have my mitochondrial test done through Dr Myhill, so hopefully something will show up? Failing that, I was going to get my thyroid tests done through Dr Myhill also. I have had that done through my GP and he says theres nothing wrong with them.

Thank you in advance.
Sofa, UK
Hi James,

Your symptom pattern is very similar to mine in many ways, though I don't have cold hands and my brain fogging effects (which I had for many years) may not have been as severe as yours. The other symptoms though, yes, all of that, there was a discussion about itching ears recently which was quite interesting, I suggest you search for itching here. Masses of stuff...

...but I would say, your pattern is so similar to mine...what jumps out to me is most of the therapies you've tried (I tried a few of those for several years) are crap-to-useless in my experience, here are some personal suggestions:
- tests indicating sensitivities are only a guide...and some are more sensitive than others...and most of the well-established ones are useless to us.
- if you have the stomach problems you describe, it's very probable that what you eat will affect you in different ways, even if you haven't tested allergic/sensitive to food. Experiment open-mindedly and recognise patterns to determine what's best/worst to eat; be prepared to end up with a diet opposite to the advice you have typically received. I fast for a day or two quite often. Filter water. Alternative/complementary approaches will have dietary advice; chinese medicine advises foods that counter-balance heat and damp, I've listed those elsewhere. There is masses about the gut here of course...
- . It is possible that the drugs lowered your immune system to let in an opportunistic infection like XMRV. It's possible they - or something else - were a factor in transmission and it's also possible that somehow they are implicated in disrupting regulation (there is a possible relationship to the damaged regulation/amygdala theories there, which I have thought about myself, in which case see Gupta...however I think you've tried enough stuff along those lines already...). That's all possible but that theory sounds like the one that blames yourself, amongst many options, perhaps you have been talking to too many psychologists?...
- I think you're on exactly the right lines with Dr Myhill et al and I think you should be prepared to have to put an investment of time, money and some effort into following that programme. I gave it a concerted effort, with that and many related measures, over 2 years, and it made a huge difference. Nothing had worked until then.
- Getting on top of the athlete's foot and mold issues is critical. Treat those to the max through conventional means. Pills plus creams and blitz till some time after they're gone. Make sure you see a specialist on that. Don't bother too much explaining all the other symptoms, they just said they were 'weird'. But I believe strongly that all the other symptoms are secondary to a mold susceptibility issue, or to an infection with a specific kind of toxic mold.
- In addition to B12, do all the other recommendations along those lines: Co-Q-10, Mag, L-Carnitine, etc. Under supervision and together in balance, for 6 months min.
- During this time I also had heavy FIR saunas, almost daily, and changed my diet a lot. I lived on smoothies, my diet is still mostly steak, potatoes, green veg. Some allergy tests are better than others at indicating what's good and bad for's not a 'classic' allergy in my case at least but experience is definiitely consistent with what the 'alternative' tests say...
- Be open to the possibility that some of your sensitivities may not be immediately and obviously apparent in physical effects. I tend to avoid anything that I can now for some reason smell from a long distance away, and anything I've tested +ve to (like your hair tests).
- Above all, I can't emphasise enough: getting on top of mold and itching for me was key, and to this day, I can't sleep well on pillows and stuggle with clothing and fabrics covered with (I presume) fungal spores, but the air filter made a huge difference, and I can now sleep again - but only on a leather sofa, with no pillow...You need to find yourself a safe haven...

Have you tried the allergy tests through Allergy UK? I found them a very helpful guide.

ETA: And look up slayadragon here.

Anyway that's my personal perspective; my own list of symptoms is very, very similar indeed, best I've seen yet, so we really must set up that cluster group now...does anyone else recognise/identify with this pattern of symptoms?
Hi James.

I'm not sure I have much advice for you.

The origins of your fatigue made me remember an article I read on 'sustained arousal' a while back before this recent XMRV news, but I'm afraid it was rather speculative and didn't have any terribly clear recommendations (I was never entirely clear what they even meant by it).

Sorry to be of so little use, but I'm afraid that the reason I'm posting here is that I don't know how to recover!

All the best.


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I think it would be helpful for you to do a stool test I.e. Metametrix gi effects. Many if your symptoms can come from disbiosis or a bacterial/ parasitic infection.


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Boy, you do sound yeasty.

If you can get in to see Myhill, that would be good. I think she is the best thing going in the UK.

If not, first off you have many digestive issues. You actually may have food sensitivities even though you don't think you do. The best way to find out is to eliminate the most common offenders and see if you feel better.

I would start with a gluten free, dairy free diet, with low glycemic carbs and no yeast or fungi such as mushrooms, vinegar, etc. and also take probiotics, digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochloride. This will get your gut working better, should help the yeast, digestion, weight, etc.

Then also an anti-fungal such as caprylic acid or cats claw. There's one more I've taken, can't think of the name right now. You'll need to rotate to another one if/when the first one stops working. I rotate about once a year.

When you get your thyroid test done, you need to do a complete thyroid panel: TSH, free T3, free T4, and thyroid antibodies. It is common to have normal TSH and very high antibodies indicating your thyroid is attacking itself (autoimmune thyroiditis aka Hashimoto's thyroiditis). Usually they will just test TSH, and so will miss a thyroid malfunction and say you're normal. This happened to me.

I also suggest checking your adrenals with a 24 hour saliva test. It seems to me that the stimulants you used could have crashed your adrenals and they never recovered. Often if you have a thyroid problem, you also have an adrenal problem and vice versa. Adrenal fatigue will make you feel very tired, and also cause a bunch of other wierd problems, such as light sensitivity, low stomach acid, inablility to handle stress, etc.

It sounds like your sleep is also messed up. That's another biggie to address. A sleep study is a good idea to rule out common things like sleep apnea or restless legs. Then you can go from there with a cocktail of sleep supplements or drugs to help you get proper rest. If you're not sleeping well, that will, of course, also make you feel very tired.

Write back and let us know what you find out, and how it's going.


Wow, guys. Thank you so much for your help and advice. Much appreciated!
Right. I'm on one! Just ordered Zell oxygen and wormwood for my candida/ yeasty thing.

Just spoke with the Myhill surgery and I'm going to get my Adrenal saliva kit and go for a second set of Thyroid function tests done. Privately this time.

If that all comes back squeeky clean (yea right) I'll go for the mitachondrial test.

I read last night that if you have candida, the Mito test will come back bad, so not to bother until the candida is clear.

How's this all sound?

Thanks again. Have a great day.


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Concord, NH
Wow, guys. Thank you so much for your help and advice. Much appreciated!
Right. I'm on one! Just ordered Zell oxygen and wormwood for my candida/ yeasty thing.

Thanks again. Have a great day.

I gave my Dr some Mitochondria paperwork with my last visit and will see him at the end of this month. I am supposed to have someone come to my home and set up Supplemental Oxygen with my CPAP. I do not think I have Candida/yeast problems? What is Zell Oxygen?