Construction dust reaction - looking for ideas and solutions

Tiger Lily 813

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Hi all,

I was doing well and was in a building for about 5 min that had a wall torn down (because of a leak I think) and so many fans aimed at it to prevent the leak from forming mold. It smelled like vacuum cleaners smell but a little stronger and I didn't expect anything to come of it, but I got so thrown off! From being in an adjacent room for 5 minutes, one week ago.

I have since had shortness of breath, and kind of shallow breathing I believe, more dryness in my throat, my muscles fatigue more easily and I feel woozy in the mornings. I tried taking antihistamines, but that sure made me even more woozy! I can still walk quite a lot and I have some energy to do things, though less than normal.

I would go get a breathing evaluation, but I'm traveling so that would have me at urgent care only because of insurance, and honestly at this time, I'm concerned about contracting things there. Also, from what I'm learning about this online, it sounds like it is supposed to improve with time and exercise. But I'm worried because I am not feeling much improvement (it's been about a week) and I'm supposed to start a new job soon.

People will surely ask what was in this wall- I don't know- could have had some mold, plaster, stucco ish material. I would doubt asbestos because it was an interior wall, left hanging open torn apart and this was in a residential building at a major university, built in 1980. No caution signage or emails to students. The laundry room next to it was wide open for use.

I called my old pulmonologist in another state and he said get an inhaler from urgent care. I have never had a good time with or noticed much benefit from those. I'd try it I guess, when I can figure out the safest way to go to urgent care. But I'm sure there are other remedies out there.

I am new to lung irritation. I was told I have asthma from the little squeak sound it makes when I inhale but never had breathing problems as a reaction to an exposure like this. When I've been evaluated before, my breathing issues were part of systemic conditions- not irritation like this. And my family is big on flea markets, so I am no stranger to dust! :) I was also tested for mold allergies before and the tests that they ran showed that I was not allergic to it.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated! :)

Rufous McKinney

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I would likely try taking a proteolytic enzyme because they seem to moisten my lungs...and then some herbs that might be lung moistening should help with clearing out what might have breathed in . Then alot of flushing, water etc.

I used to use comfrey alot...for lungs. Tea, maybe add mint for taste.