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Considering CFS, how much of e.g. a moldy bread should be cut away?


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
I would think so. At the very least, you might lower your functionality for several days. That's what happens when I eat one of my allergy foods.

I understand need and not wanting to have anything go to waste though especially when so many of us are living in poverty.

Even today, I was considering whether to start using my wood stove again even though I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) in order to cut down on my heating bill somewhat since we have very cold temps right now and the furnace keeps cycling on.

These can be a hard choices to make sometimes. :(


Senior Member
I think it depends on the individual. One person might develop serious symptoms from being in a room with a spot of mold somewhere. Another person might eat many slices of moldy bread without showing any symptoms (other than odd taste). I can't remember ever showing any signs of sensitivity to mold.

The question for you is: what is your tolerance to a given substance?