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Cold hands and feet - as a symptom of folate or potassium deficiency?


Senior Member
I've suddenly had the return of cold hands and feet as symptom, after not having it for quite sometime -- pretty much the last year since being on Fred's protocol.

The coldness in the feet is also nerve related, moves up the legs from the feet. Along with the cold hands is a strange ache in the center of each hand (like a very mild cramp), which I've noticed is linked to low potassium (along with other symptoms).

Wondering if anyone has observed cold hands and feet linked to low potassium symptoms or low folate (deficiency/insufficiency)?


Senior Member
Arizona, USA
Thanks @Critterina, can you tell me what brand does sublingual?
I almost always buy from www.swanson.com, their own "Swanson Ultra" brand, NADH, 20 mg. I recently bought Source Naturals 5 mg - I think I must have got confused, thinking they were 20 mg. Source Naturals has the advantage that some vitamin stores carry it, but Swanson has always been less expensive for me. The quality of both is good - I can't tell any difference.
Thanks for the information about B12. I also saw a testimonial of Guy Abraham saying that lugol helped him adapting cold weather