Clinical Profiles “Protide” Antiviral Peptide

My son has a very difficult time taking Valcyte to treat his various viruses. Another parent/caregiver mentioned an antiviral peptide called Protide, distributed by Clinical Profiles in Reno, NV.

Have any of you more experienced ME/CFS patients or advocates heard of this product or know of its efficacy? Thanks so much!


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I don't know much about Protide, but I know of many others who have trouble tolerating the start-up effects of Valcyte.

It is common to have strong start-up effects when starting anti-herpesvirus medications like Valtrex or Valcyte. The start-up effects eventually go away as the herpesviruses are suppressed, but everyone is different in this regard.

Many people make the mistake of lowering the dosage to try to lessen the start-up effects. This only allows the herpesviruses to rebound and prolongs the start-up effects. It may also lead to the herpesviruses mutating and becoming resistant to the drug.

Sometimes, raising the dosage can better suppress the herpesviruses and lead to faster resolution of the start-up effects.

Hope this helps.