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Clinica Diagnal Genomic Genetics -genetic testing and interpretation specially for CFS

I emailed this clinic to ask for testing. It is the only genetic testing company I see that has tests specially tailored to CFS.

They only test people who live in Europe or who can come to Barcelona, where they are situated. So I can't use them.
I have no idea if it they are good and have never tried them so you do your own research.

I have permission from them to post what they sent me.

It might interest others who do live in Europe.

They cost is 950€ and include:
- Medical first visit, (possible by SKYPE)
- Analysis with interpretation report
- Specific nutritional plan
- Appointment to explain the results (SKYPE?)

Here is what they wrote to me:

Hello Rachel,
From Clinica Diagonal where Dr. Lao, Medical Director from GENOMIC GENETICS Int. is working since 2 years ago, meet you and send you the information request.
It’s not necessary to speak Spanish to do the analysis, because Dr. Lao speaks perfect English but we need to know where do you live because we can’t send the kit to take the saliva sample out EUROPE.

In GGI a specific genomic program has been developed for FIBROMYALGIA, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME AND MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SYNDROME that allows the establishment of a personalized treatment protocol to improve your quality of life and minimize the negative impact of the disease.
The genes associated with hypersensitivity are studied, since it is a hyper-reactivity of the organism to certain external factors such as hypersensitivity to pain, inflammation and external toxic agents, which for people with a certain genetic profile causes an exaggerated reaction that leads to different types of organic instability.


· Antioxidant defense:
Analysis of 10 genes that determine the efficiency of biological detoxification systems.
· Immune system response and pro-inflammatory tendency:
Evaluation of 5 genes related to exaggerated pro-inflammatory tendency.
· B vitamins in the methylation pathways:
Analysis of 8 genes related to the metabolism of B vitamins.
· Hormonal metabolism:
It includes the analysis of 7 genes related to hormonal balance.
· Neurocognitive potential:
Analysis of 9 genes related to the balance between neurotransmitters.
· Pharmacogenetics:
Analysis of 4 drug metabolism pathways. Combinations of the gene variants that involve 2 or more mechanisms within pathways 1 to 5 would be expected in cases with Fibromyalgia. At the same time, it will reveal the most appropriate nutritional and supplementation guidelines for each case. The evaluation of track 6 will give us the security for the efficacy of the drugs to be used in each case.
· Nutrigenomics:
Personalization of the feeding according to the analyzed potentials. Knowing their metabolic peculiarities, such as metabolic response to nutrients, intestinal inflammation (including diet related to heavy metals), digestive discomfort, control of caloric expenditure (physical activity / food), weight control (obesity / overweight), tolerance and safety in the use of supplementation. This guarantees a healthy diet adapted to your metabolic needs.

The cost is 950€ and include:
- Medical first visit, (possible by SKYPE)
- Analysis with interpretation report
- Specific nutritional plan
- Appointment to explain the results (possible by SKYPE)

08950 Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona)

932 053 213 – 902 883 355 Ext. 12223