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Clarifying the matter... it could have been Coxsackie!

Hello everybody,

Some time ago I registered at our forum in order to receive more inforation about my condition (full story: https://forums.phoenixrising.me/threads/cfs-ebv-for-three-years.76931/#post-2216443 ). In short, in June 2016 I contracted a disease and never really recovered completely. However, I have been feeling better with time, and my summer holidays were really good. For four days now, I've relapsing a bit, maybe due to massive stress I had.

I have tried many drugs and therapies, and I have taken valaciclovir for 6 weeks now, feeling better actually. However, thanks to you and especially thanks to @Hip, I engaged myself in coxsackie as a possible cause for my CFS-like condition. As a result, I did the neutralization test, and the result is that I have elevated antibodies for Coxsackie B5 (please see attachment).

So maybe it's a chronic infection with Coxsackie B5. For this reason, I will try Dr. Chia's advice to take oxymatrine and maybe inosine additionally.

What do you think? Anything else I should take into account? Well, there are positive cases in which oxymatrine helped. Would you rather go for the drug Equilibrant ( https://equilibranthealth.com/index.php/equilibrant.html )or classy oxymatrine (https://www.betterlife.com/product/oxymatrine-300-mg/lloyd-wright/34465 ) ?

BTW, I had all the other potential viruses checked. Result: EV elevated a bit, the rest of them: nothing salient.

I really appreciate your help and your insights! Thank you very much to all of you!!!