Chronic Ear Ache


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Anyone else ever get a recurrent Earache. Since the 80's, I've had problems with severe recurrent Earaches. I've had teeth pulled, thinking it was that. I've been on a million antibiotics for it. The only real answer I ever got was a doctor told me that the gland in my neck is swollen and it's pushing on the ear and causing the pain. It can also be a TMJ thing. I don't know. All I know is, it's acting up on me again. I used to have to try heating pads and even squeezing warm onion juice in my ear because the pain was like someone had a hot poker to my ear. I get it less often now, but every once in awhile, it acts up.


I'd side with the gland theory as that's what causes my earache. There's not a lot to help it except to hope the symptom flare dies down by resting. It's something I've dealt with since the start of my illness, I just keep my ears clean so nothing can push on the drum. Do you get it on both sides? I get mine on both sides but more commonly just the right.