Chronic Dull Headache /Sinus and Depression


I am suffering for
I am suffering form chronic headache from the last 20 years. I can define the headache as dull type heaviness, tightness band around the head and/or on left side moderate throbbing pain.I feel headache after waking up in the morning. After sleep there is no headache.In the evening i feel slightly better.

I have increased Ige factor.
Boder line Throid (but doctor did not prescribed any medicine)
EEG test shows that 8 out of 16 signals were weak.
I am allergic to dust though there is no sneezing or runny nose all around the year. I don't get fever or cold easily.

One ENT told me that my left frontal sinus is blocked. Another ENT told me that there is no issue. (there is confusion)

SSRI/SNRI never treated headache, though i used for years.

Antihistamine do not work.

Pain killers don't work.

Niacin (flush type),D3(10000iu), Methyl folate 400mcg , magnesium and chromium slightly ease symptoms for a short time.

Levothyroxine ease anger.

In the past Omega 3, flex Seed oil,B12 500mcg, amino acids has helped me slighly.

Some supplements increase aggression (copper)

Need help.
Sorry you've felt this way for so long. When you mention words like anger and aggression it makes me think of hypoglycemia headaches. I'm guessing you've already checked into this but hypoglycemia can be tricky if you have me/cfs. It's also too bad that your doctor didn't prescribe a low dose of thyroid medication to see if it would ease headaches. But you said you tried levothyroxine, isn't that a thyroid med?
Thanks for reply.

I have observed that levothyroxine 50mcg helpd me to sleep well.
I have Citrullus colocynthis in powered form. I have observed (uisng it from last 3 days) that when i take it in a very small quantity 1/20 of a table spoon, it reduces raise blood pressure but cures almost 90% of headache.