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Christoph's Funding Challenge: Donate to Dr. Maureen Hanson's enterovirus study now! Every bit helps!


Donated. I tested positive for potential viral reactivation for Cox B4 and Echo 30. Finally another lab is willing to continue looking into enteroviruses after Dr. Chia urged continuing in this direction about 10 year ago.

Martin aka paused||M.E.

Senior Member
I think Maureen Hanson did the best study on EV infections and the first critical meta-study I'm aware of. If you take all the science on EV infections and ME seriously (and you have been diagnosed with a persistent EV infection) there is no other way to go than to support this very important research - as much as you can of course.

You don't only support it by donating if your are short of money but also by sharing it on social media.


Senior Member
Anyone know how to donate anonymously? I'm tired of being constantly harassed by every organization I donate to.