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Chlorophyll recommendations?


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Anyone have any chlorophyll recommendations? I see some that are made from alfalfa plants. I think I had an autoimmune reaction to alfalfa powder in the past. So i don’t dare go in that direction. I believe Now brand has a sodium copper chlorophyll type but how will I know the source? Or does it not matter since it’s extracted. I’m using it for ammonia and detoxing a very acidic body. I’m hoping it can help with this constant burning feeling in my urethra too. Its not a definite UTI. It may be a mast cell reaction cause I have pains in other parts of body too.


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How are your electrolytes? I find when I skip my diy electrolytes* the pain gets worse. And I'm like you and can't do alfalfa chlorophyll either.

There is also another product called Prelief that is supposed to help with this. I did buy some and try it and it wasn't helpful though I only used a little as I almost always "start low and go slow" with most everything. However, the reviews on the product sound very positive for many people. Maybe I didn't use enough or maybe I'm a non-responder. (I also reduced my acid food intake during trying it.)

Some people also do well taking baking soda. It's too alkaline for me but I'm able to do diy Alka Selzer Gold.** I haven't noticed if it helps with the bladder pain that much. (I've been working on so many other things right now.)

And I'm sorry...that doesn't really answer your question about Now's sodium copper chlorophyll. I was going to say you could post a question on Amazon and that sometimes some of manufacturers answer those questions but I just noticed they did answer someone who asked, "Is this made with alfalfa or made with mulberry leaves?"
by saying, "Chlorophyll is a green pigment naturally produced by plants and algae and gives them their characteristic green color. The ingredients of this product are: Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Vegetable Glycerin, De-ionized Water, Peppermint Oil and Potassium Sorbate (as preservative)." :meh: Kind of a non-answer, huh.

Anyway, someone else posted their toll-free number. Maybe you will get someone there who knows the source. "...888-669-3663 and ask to speak to one of their friendly, staff nutritionists."

*My diy electrolyte: 3 parts sugar, 2 parts salt (you can use sea salt or a combo of sea salt and table salt), 1/2 part lite salt (has dextrose though). I made a non-dextrose version for my Mom when she was alive but cannot remember the computations. Not sure if my brain will let me now. :( (And I know, people will protest the sugar but it helps the sodium absorb in the stomach better and I only take about 2/3 tsp of the mix a day...when I remember to take it. It truly does help me with the bladder pain when I'm faithful with it.)

**Diy Alka Selzer Gold: https://www.healingwell.com/community/default.aspx?f=30&m=4209194 (also helps to lower my heart rate when I take it but I found yesterday that I was skipping the diy electrolyte (above) too much so the potassium in the diy ASG was lowering my bp into a bad zone for me.

Yikes. Always a balancing act.
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Your question made me google the exact chlorophyll content of eatables again. Found these tables, along with some information I wasn't aware off and worthwhile reading:
NutrientAmt Chlorophyll /10grams
AFA algae spirulina300 mg
Chlorella280 mg
Spirulina115 mg
Barley grass149 mg
Wheat grass55 mg

Chlorophyll (mg)
Spinach1 cup23.7
Parsley½ cup19.0
Cress, garden1 cup15.6
Green beans1 cup
Arugula1 cup8.2
Leeks1 cup7.7
Endive1 cup5.2
Sugar peas1 cup4.8
Chinese cabbage1 cup4.1

So really not much to choose from.


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I haven’t been able to do chlorophyll in quite some time but I used to use one from vimergy or Mary Ruth. Actually I think I used spirulina from vimergy and chlorophyll from Mary Ruth. Both good brands.