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CFS segment on View from the Bay


Senior Member
Thanks for posting this. A nice and short video.

Dr. Kogelnik seemed to keep on point (I was just going to type Dr K, because I wasn't sure of the spelling, but then I figured I should take the time to check the spelling, since he took the time to give a good interview).

I noticed at the end, the woman anchor said she had a friend who was being treated by Dr. Kogelnik. That's probably why the show got done to begin with. A big THANKS to that anchor's CFS friend for getting this to her friend's attention, and thanks to the Dr and the interviewers. They had a short time, and I think did a good job within that time.

I didn't see on the video, the 4 - 8 million flashed figure, but my attention wasn't that good.

I noticed they quoted a lot of CDC material at the same page as the video link, but I didn't see which CDC page it was from. The following appeared (my bolding):

Possible Causes of CFS:
Despite an intensive, nearly 20-year search, the cause of CFS remains unknown. Many different infectious agents and physiologic and psychological causes have been considered, and the search continues...

Genetic and environmental factors may play a role in developing and/or prolonging the illness, although more research is needed to confirm this. CDC is applying cutting-edge genomic and proteomic tools to understand the origins and pathogenesis of CFS.[/

CDC clearly doesn't update their webpage often, and isn't subject to "truth in advertising" laws.:)