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CFS - Methylation/Detox/livewello profile, where should I Start?

Hello everyone,

I recently made my 23andme test and the results arrived today. Ive already researched about MTHFR and Methylation issues and came to this forum. I would highly appreciate any help interpreting these results.

My history:
23 years old, major health "breakdown" 1 year ago. Main Symptoms: low energy, trouble sleeping, frequent urinations and thirst, blood sugar lows during the night where i stand up and eat, usually wake up every 3-4 hours at night, crashes during the day (having to sleep/lie down), brain fog, memory problems, dizziness/vertigo. Usually symptoms are better in the evening. When everything started there were psychological issues as well such as anxiety attacks and sudden "crie-attacks" where i just got tears out of nothing. I feel like my body is constantly intoxicated with something i cant describe... i have no dental metal fillings. candida results came back positive the doc said they werent unusually high though..
the fatigue is part of my life for years already, i never felt really fresh after waking up but it wasnt as bad as it is now. i had bowel issues for years with frequent what is the appropriate word in english? i go to the toilet usually 3 or more times a day :D (one doc mentioned the IBS diagnosis). I dont drink any alcohol anymore (used to drink frequently before).
- Lyme disease negative testings,
- HIV/Hepatitis negative,
- EBV past infection no active phase (i suspect this to be the cause for the big "breakdown" i had last year)
- no thyroid issues (normal lab results, slightly elevated TSH, i tried T3 on my own did not improve my condition, actually worsened, started really low)
- no Anemia
- no Herpes Simplex
- no Clamydia
- Mold? I had mold in my apartment (not visible behind the fridge) to which i was exposed probably several months to a year prior to my crash, removed now.

EDIT: why i wanted to look into MTHFR and Methylation is because my lab results always came back above lab range high on "folate" and borderline high on B12

My health has improved with dietary changes, i cutted out most the stuff that could possibly cause any issues, histamine-low diet, gluten-free, dairy-free (or strongly reduced). I currently take Vit D (3000 units a day), Probiotic, Lysin (1,5g morning, 1,5g night), Vit K, VitC+Zink and for 3/4year i take melatonin to help me sleep. I tried a methylated B Complex but it made me feel very weird and worsened the vertigo/dizziness and caused anxiety attacks. Also experimented with MethylB12 and L5-Mthf which caused a slight increase in energy but made me feel wired and after 2 weeks i got anxiety back. I wasnt sure if i needed it and just tried it out till my results come back.

Now the results are there and it seems that i dont have the "standart" MTHFR issue?! What informations can be drawn out of those analysis tables? Im overwhelmed with the complexitiy and would be really gratefull if you guys could help me. first two are the genetic genie Methylation/Detox Profile and the others results from the livewello Report.

Many greetings and thank youuu in advance!!

2016-06-21 (7).png
2016-06-21 (6).png
2016-06-21 (1).png
2016-06-21 (2).png
2016-06-21 (2).png
2016-06-21 (3).png

2016-06-21 (4).png
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In your SNPs, I'm seeing somewhat of a tendency towards mental health issues especially mood swings and anxiety (COMT, CYP1B1, MTHFR A1298C, many GAD SNPs). MAO would be the other biggie to contribute and you don't have that.

There is a glutathione SNP (GSTP) which could would lower glutathione (your body's main detoxification antioxidant) and so impair your ability to detoxify, and a SOD SNP which could contribute to oxidative stress and mitochondrial issues.

See the "SNPs Interpretration Guide" in my signature link.

Your symptoms are consistent with adrenal fatigue - many symptoms there.
You need to get a complete thyroid panel to properly diagnose the thyroid, not just TSH.
See stopthethyroidmadness.com for both thyroid and adrenal info and help.

There are many other sources of mercury besides fillings (but I'm glad you don't have those!). Younger people get many more vaccines these days which may have thimerosol (mercury). You can check for mercury and other metals using Andy Cutler's info. (see my signature link).

If you do B12/folate supplementation you're going to need to be careful due to your COMT SNPs as you've already found out. See "Start Low and Go Slow" and "Roadblocks to Successful Methylation Treatment" in my signature link.

Gut issues, see the 4R Gut Rebuilding Program in my signature link.

The EBV reactivation is due to a weakened immune system.

Things to consider trying:

  • So #1 is always to start with the gut - treat with the 4R Gut Rebuilding Program.
  • Get a saliva cortisol test to confirm adrenal fatigue.
  • Get a complete thyroid panel - TSH, T3, T4, thyroid antibodies.
  • Support the thyroid with medication if you have hypothyroidism.
  • If you have adrenal fatigue, support the adrenals with ACE, etc. and if you don't tolerate that try Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder.
  • If you have adrenal fatigue taking electrolytes (salt, magnesium and possibly potassium) will help greatly with sleep and a general feeling of well being.
  • Methylation treatment, being cautious of your COMT SNPs.
  • Test for mercury and other metals with the Doctor's Data Hair Test interpreted with Cutler's Counting Rules.
  • If mercury etc. are present, very cautiously chelate with Cutler's protocol.
  • You can also do a NutrEval test or equivalent to see what is going on functionally in your body with vitamins and minerals, Kreb's energy cycle, glutathione levels, detox ability, essential fatty acids and so on. Then supplement accordingly.

It's best to pair the SNPs test with functional tests to get the complete picture of what is going on with your body, and not try to supplement based on SNPs alone.
Thank you caledonia :)

My thyroid should be alright, that was my first thing i looked into, the t3/t4 are ok. Ive read the thyroid madness book and interpreted everything according to that. i tried anyways with T3 and T4 to see what happens. T4 made me feel really really bad from a very tiny dose (Euthyrox 12,5) wasn able to tolerate it. Tried some T3 and it made my anxiety raise up (very small dose as well), trouble breathing i dont think that there is the issue, antibodies are fine as well so no hashi.

Adrenal Fatigue was my second consideration, i ordered the saliva kit and it came back with a morning low, noon alright, afternoon high, evening high. Ive talked to people on different boards and tried different herbs/adaptogens for this pattern. Tried some ACE in the morning and it didnt improve my feeling. But adrenal fatigue is a symptom of something else es well in my opinion, the problem is i cant find the root... and yeah my test results werent dramatic, the low in the morning and the high in the evening. Melatonin very low at night (thats why melatonin helps me to sleep so much i guess).

I forgot to mention i take Magnesium malate (citrat causes diarrhea) before going to bed it seems to calm me a little bit. Restless legs symptoms appear from time to time as well, magnesiums seems to help with that. But i only use about 200mg, when i took 400mg the first time it knocked me out, i couldnt really stand up and was so drowsy and the whole fatigue thing was worse.

Is there something that has all the minerals in the right balance as if i only take kalium oder salt i guess it creates a desiquilibrium.

Unfortunatly in Germany i couldnt find all those tests that you write about. The metals thing is another thing i wanted to test for im gonna have to see which doctor provides that. Methylation panels Nutreval i couldnt find anyone here providing this, is there a list of doctors around here in the forum for europe/germany?

Im pretty sure my gut is damaged im taking probiotics for several months already, eliminated basically everything problematic, like in the first phase of the 4R program. my health state seems to be dependent on what i eat as well, when i eat saussages or processed stuff i feel shitty after a while and when i eat clean (chicken, rice, veggies) i usually feel ok. Im gonna do the full program, thanks for the advice. Stool tests for parasites all came back negative, only candida showed positive.

Ive read your guide and most of my SNPs seem to be alright if i interpret it correctly, no "big" issues on that side..

what im always wondering about is if a certain medication causes adverse effects cant tell me that the underlying issues? such as thyroid T4 leaving me way worse, glutamin made my fatigue a lot worse, B-Complex makes me feel a lot worse and spacy. Cant there be a backwards interpretation? I gave the same B-Complex to my girlfriend, no issues she didnt feel anything, my parents take T4, no issues whatsoever they dont even feel they took anything.

Many greetings :)