CFS an emergency anti-viral state?


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So I was reading the NICEGUIDELINES BLOG ( and I found an interesting post there:

There's a lot of theory in there and not that much evidence, but I certainly like his take on these 2 points:

4. It is likely that those with XMRV and no CFS are more likely to die of cancer than those with CFS and XMRV.

5. The implication is that CFS is an emergency antiviral state that assists long term survival. The cost is long term decreased capacity. This state never resolves because the body can't kill a retrovirus.
Nothing really new, but I thought it was interesting enough to share here. Having CFS/ME sucks, but maybe the body does have a reason for it and is trying to prevent more damage. It's like the immune system has declared martial law. That idea makes it a bit more bearable for me.