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Cervical collar stops vomiting...any idea why?

SK, Canada
I have been vomiting a couple times a month now for a while, thinking it was just extreme fatigue or my wacky cycle. This month I have vomited 7 out of 21 days. Very unusual for me to throw up. When I start experiencing new s/s I try wearing my Aspen cervical collar to see if I feel any better. So far, the days that I wear my collar 24/7 and stay laying flat on my back I am NOT throwing up!

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have my Upright MRI and am in the process of sending my scans to Dr.Gilete for consult.

Your thoughts are appreciated 🙏


Senior Member
U.S., Earth
Although many people think that vomiting is controlled by the gut, it is actually controlled by the "area postrema" in the brainstem.

Perhaps the collar relieves pressure on the area postrema?

Interestingly, the area postrema is one of very few parts of the brain that does not have a blood-brain-barrier. This is because the nerve cells in the area postrema that detect toxins in the blood need direct access to the blood. Those parts of the brain that lack a blood-brain-barrier may use a high density of mast cells as a substitute defense to make up for the lack of a blood-brain-barrier.

Hope this helps.
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