(CDC) couldn't demonstrate competence

Following the CDCs recent success in not finding XMRV the agency has been discussing future plans for its CFS team. The failure to find XMRV was an outstanding success said a spokesman chirpily and were confident this is a failure we can build on. We truly believe this team are capable of not finding lots more stuff

When asked if attempting not to find stuff wasnt a little overly ambitious in 2010 the spokesman replied Obviously its a huge challenge, Im not denying that but given sufficient funding combined with a complete lack of supervision I really think this team could pull it off

The key to not finding stuff explained the spokesman is to not look for it with a completely open mind. Bill has often said theyre prepared to have a good old look for anything but are sure theyll be able not to see it. Im confident this team could go on to not find much bigger things

Now I would like to deal with the claim this team failed to collect blood from the wrong people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bill personally phoned anyone who looked or felt unwell and advised them not to donate

The problem with the NIH and FDA studies is contamination. These samples ended up with XMRV in them because they were taken from people with the virus. Taking blood from sick people, examining it profesionally and reporting what you find is completely unethical and leads to the sorts of results its best not to talk about

When asked if the CDC were attempting to censor other results the spokesman said this isnt about censorship, its about stopping people reporting what theyve found. Making a link between censorship and stopping people reporting what theyve found is very unscientific.


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I sense a British accent in this anonymous humorist.

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