Cannabis and calming of neuro inflammation


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Is there any research going into cannabis for m.e.?
Out of desperation, I made some edibles and have had some really good results .
Previously I'd really reacted badly to cannabis..but with beta blockers this seems to have disappeared.
I came across some of the recent work done by Judy mikowitz on the endocannabinoid system.
I don't know if I'm allowed to post her stuff on here so I won't but she gave a lecture which actually tallied with my experience.
Gains so far.
Elbow exczema gone in a week.
Wake up feeling refreshed for the first time in decades.
More energy.
Less anxiety( although If overdose that can kick in)
Less pots. Less of that congested neck feeling and better overall tolerance of movement and blood flow.
Mood improved. Less reflux and stomach spasticity.

That's not bad for a week on edibles.
I'm not some crazy advocate . I know cannabis can create psychosis( interest ingly, in the mikowitz talk, she talks about enzymes which can knock the THC off the CB2 receptor and stop the psychosis in its tracks.
She mentions all the things we know. Brain on fire, glial cell activation being the cause of the psychiatric dude if the illness.
She says tcaphat there are many cannibinoids, terpentenes and other plant derived medicine to treat this deficiency in cannibinoids and the associated shifts in the immune system this causes.
She mentions the purigenic system, which, If I understand correctly is important for the cell danger response, calcium with cells etc.and if this system is under threat from pollution etc then the endocannabinoid deficiency created results in accelerated ageing.
As far as I understood,stem cells are in some way controlled by these two systems malfunctioning, and mikowitz assetrs cannabis amongst other plant derived medicine.
I'm the talks she's talked about eczema being cured by cannabis. So far, with me, that seems to be the case.
So she's not talking total rubbish.
Not looking for a trashing of mikowitz. I know she's a discredited scientist, but I would appreciate any information or studies that have looked at cannabis as s therapy for m.e.