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Cancer 'visionary' Stanislaw Burzynski stands trial for unprecedented medical malfeasance.


Patient in training

'When Sandra Cohen was diagnosed with breast cancer, she did whatever she could to avoid chemotherapy. She took homeopathic remedies and herbs, and she changed her diet. She even tried laser therapy. Nothing worked. When she reached stage IV—the cancer metastasized to her lungs, clavicle bone and lymph nodes—her doctors were shocked. “The doctors here just kind of shook their heads and said, ‘How did you let this go so far?’” she recalls.

But she didn’t give up. Instead, she went to Stanislaw Burzynski..."


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Thanks @Kati for posting this.:thumbsup:

ETA I misread that he was struck off. I didn't realize this is a trial. I know he has been investigated by the FDA but don't know if this is the first trial against him.

As far as Im concerned he's morally corrupt.

I also didn't realize the lawyer was making statments against him. What about attorny client confidentiality? The lawyer is saying it's an outright scam. I've thought Burzynski most likely believed what he was doing, which in a way is scarier. Either way he's still morally responsible and he's been ignoring his training as a physician.

Who knows, as the Dr. owes the lawyer money.
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