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Cancer, CFS, Radiation and CFIDS forum -A few questions and want to discuss

I have been doubtful about the theory of radiation causing CFS, which is the theory that the CFIDS Foundation proposes.

But their last issue this Summer shook me a bit.

There was a lot on radiation and CFS, cancer and radiation. I looked up their resources website.
In the document
"Chronic Radiation Sickness Cases in the population of Southern Urals"
The case histories on Chapter 6 looked so familiar to severe ME, (adrenal exhaustion, sinus, synacope, vertigo, weakness. the word "somatic" used.) etc. I challenge anyone here to read it.

Some years ago I had a test done at Great Smokies Labs (now called Metamatrix or Genova diagnostics).
I was tested for Candida, and adrenal hormones- the basic things given to CFS patients.
By chance there was a test for heavy metals and I came out high in Uranium.
I have never been anywhere near Uranium or anywhere radioactive. I grew up in Sheffield, England, where I got ill. It's hardly Chenobyl.
But maybe the test at Great Smokies is not reliable. No conventional doctor recognizes it anyway.​

My Mum has CLL -a type of Leukaemia. I know that Rituximab is a cancer drug that is helping CFS., and now the Norweigen team that discovered Rituximab want to test a CLL drug on CFS.

Also significantly large percentage of patients with ME get lymphomas
I contacted someone at the CFIDS foundation. They said that they think that this illness is autoimmune and that autoimmune illnesses increase around places where there is radiation. For example Lupus rates increase around Uranium Ore processing facilities (I looked it up and they are correct).
But it just seems a bit odd to me that we aren't hearing of tons of cases of this illness in the Ukraine and Japan where they had their nuclear disasters..

My questions are: Has anyone else here had Uranium found in tests at Great smokies or metamatrix?
Are there any treatments for this?

What do the rest of you think?​
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I found this page on the subject:

It claims that 26% of a sample of Chenobyl liquidators had the symptoms of CFS. I can't help wondering that if ME was a sort of Chronic radiation sickness, then it would be more than 26%.?

There is a better article here that prompted me to order the book it is based on.:

If hyperthetically, ME was caused by radiation, what would treatment be? Zeolite?
Has anyone here tried that?


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