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"Canary" at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016

Old Bones

Senior Member
From the following website: http://www.screendaily.com/festival...rticle?blocktitle=Festival-News&contentID=826

"Sheffield Doc/Fest (June 10-15) has revealed the titles that will pitch for funding at the 11th edition of its MeetMarket initiative.

A total of 64 filmmaker teams from around the world will pitch to international and UK decision makers for research, development and production funding. Around 300 decision makers from 24 countries are expected with execs from Google and Netflix for the first time."

"Among the 64 projects pitching at this year’s MeetMarket are:. . . producer Lindsey Dryden will bring Canary In A Coal Mine(working title) with co-directors Patricia E. Gillespie & Jennifer Brea (Little By Little Films Ltd, UK): when doctors insisted that Brea’s condition was psychosomatic she picked up her camera to document her own story and the stories of four other patients struggling with the world’s most prevalent orphan disease;"