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Can you heal CBS without taking Molybdenum? Low in copper...


I seem to be in a catch 22 situation. I am low in bioavailable copper as well as molybdenum. Will i increase my moly enough with food? I am part of the Magnesium Advocacy Group and they say no no no do not take Molybdenum. It will decrease the bioavailable copper which we so want to correct..that copper metabolism.
So what to do in this case?


Senior Member
Sth Australia
Cant you take then both copper supplements and molybdenum supplements. I was low in molybdenum and this did actually cause me a bad extra symptom with my ME/CFS. 5 days of molybdenum supplements had me able to do something again which I had not been able to do for YEARS, I became able to do maths in my head again.

I was extremely deficient in molybdenum, nearly nothing at all showing on testing.