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Can Orotic Acid cause incontinence?

My aminoacids blood test revealed I have low Ornithine(below the minimum limit for my age) but I cannot supplement with Ornithine because I get incontinence symptoms from it(urgency, urinary dribbling etc).

Since the doctors in my area are pretty useless(I was told to go find a doctor in a large city with medical university as my problems are to "refined" to be solved in my hometown) I'm left with trying to figure out for myself what is going on.

One possible explanation could be that I might have an Urea Cycle disorder which would lead to larger amounts of orotic acid in urine. Since eating foods that are high in spice, sugar or acid, especially citrus fruits, are sometimes listed as triggering incontinence, I thought that maybe orotic acid would trigger it also. I will probably have to do a urine test (while taking Ornithine) to find out if I have high orotic acid, but before I do I thought to ask if anyone has come across this:
Can high orotic acid cause urinary incontinence? Or it's not possible?