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Can increasing endorphins naturally outperform LDN (low dose naltrexone)? - spices sun music meditation laughing - autoimmunity


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Many people take LDN, for example to suppress autoimmune diseases by increasing endorphins. Judging from the numerous LDN threads on PR, it quite often works. Many of them have to endure side effects like I had, most prominently poor sleep. But research is abundant about various common activities that increase endorphins. What if one combines all of them and gets as much increase of endorphins as one can get? Can one outperform LDN?

Here a few things that are known to be effective for endorphins:

Sun exposure increases beta-endorphins (reference). I enjoy a very few minutes of (almost :) ) full-body sun on my balcony, whenever weather permits.

Chili ncreases endorphins (reference - it is worth reading the introduction, which contains many further references to capsaicin/chili and endorphins in animals and humans) Interestingly, this is a compensatory reaction to triggering the pain receptors in the gut.

Friends 'better than morphine'
Certainly, seriously sick people do not have the energy to maintain a large network of friends. But one can put emphasis on loving and caring relationships, help relatives or sick friends :heart:. I provide loved ones with my research knowledge and was utmost happy to cure diseases in them after doctors failed, using simple and safe things like nutrition or transdermal vitamins: for example allergy, cataract or turning a wet macula into the less dangerous dry one. And kick out from my life negative people. And be cheerful with shop-assistants and bureaucrats, who are often considered "human machines" by many customers. And have fun with a few best friends, let it be just over whatsapp.

Here a few well-known ones from wikipedia:
Laughter:D may also stimulate endorphin production; a 2011 study showed that attendees at a comedy club showed increased resistance to pain.[19] Endorphins are also released during various activities including eating food, sex, orgasm, listening to music and eating chocolate. Research has also demonstrated meditation by trained individuals to trigger endorphin release. [15][20]
My comments:
I started a thread on music suitable for people with CFS/ME (i.e. not overstimulating)
Sick people may not have the energy to attend comedy and I find their jokes mostly silly, but people tell me they haven't seen a sick person making more jokes and sending more smileys on whatsapp. I never did it on purpose, it just comes, but maybe it is an intuition / buitin reaction to illness that does serve a purpose?
And then there is laughter yoga. I never attended anything like that, but starting to laugh on purpose does work and after starting it, it continues naturally. I used this a few times and it has surprising benefits that I feel to indeed fit the idea of increasing endorphins.

Prayer/spiritual meditation :balanced: - for atheists and agnostics too, seriously :)
This is an interesting one. Being raised atheist, I never gave much attention to religion. Being a researcher, I just dislike believing. And many people were killed in the name of various gods (crusades, Spanish inquisition, Muslim terrorists, ... Hindu cow protectors). But both own experience and research convinced me that spiritual meditation or prayer actually work to increase endorphins. Everyone is free to think if it works by brain mechanisms or by divine intervention.
I make some claims:
  • Prayer/spiritual meditation is the strongest endorphin-increasing method
  • But the effect increases slowly with practice and only if done right
  • It is best suitable for the sick as it can be done even laying in bed
  • The benefit is absolutely open both to believers and non-believers.
  • If you believe, or if you have any favourite god or gods, it is independent of which ones you chose, what matters is the intensity of devotion.
How come? There is research and I have own experience. But let's start with this: it is easy to find tons of personal experiences online claiming that prayer increases endorphins, for example: a runner discovers a new source of endorphins: prayer.
Comparing the effects of spiritual meditation, secular meditation, and relaxation on spiritual, psychological, cardiac, and pain outcomes.
Read their astounding result:
the Spiritual Meditation group had greater decreases in anxiety and more positive mood, spiritual health, and spiritual experiences than the other two groups. They also tolerated pain almost twice as long as the other two groups.
This is totally wow!!! Pain endurance TWO TIMES as long! And from all the abundant literature on endorphins and pain, increased pain endurance is accepted by researchers as a measure of increased endorphin release (see e.g. "pain threshold as an assay for CNS endorphin release" reference)
But then, is this only open to believers?
Or can a secular person fully harness these astounding benefits? I read the fultext of the study and there were many people who were "not religious at all" or only "slightly religious". Together, these comprised about 40% of each of the three study groups (1 spiritual meditation, 2 secular meditation, 3 relaxation).
In their "spiritual meditation" practice, they simply used the word "God", so everyone can imagine it as the god they believe in or which they happen to just like. And they offered the participants that if they don't like any gods, they can replace it by anything else of a spiritual nature. One participant chose "mother earth".
From my own experience, I can confirm to the fullest that it works. People would usually describe me as agnostic (= I do not have a scientific proof of existence or inexistence of any deities. But I respect it in others who do believe). It was a journey of maybe a year in total and there are pitfalls. But then, the effect is so strong, I wouldn't believe it if anyone told me about this before. My most important hint: it is not the correct execution of routines but the intensity of devotion that causes big effects (confirmed by preliminary research on brain blood flow reference). No, it is not obvious, how an atheist or agnostic can devote intensely and honestly at the same time. I found that the essence is to honestly like gods (their tenets) :love:. Absolutely fine if you believe in them, but no need to do so. Ask for details if you wanna try. Your endorphins will blow up :angel::angel::angel:

I wrote this post to share this idea for those who struggle or fail on LDN or who want to go drug-free :pill:. I tried LDN myself. I suffered sleep issues. But then the surprise came: not only that I had no health benefit at all on LDN, but I got a full-blown ecstasy :star: when the endorphine rebound set in: as intense as an orgasm but longer and w/o the sexual aspect. As ecstasy is strongly linked to endorphins, I concluded: I likely have high endorphins anywise and I just made them go through the roof. Now, months later, the question came to my mind: maybe I do some things right to increase my endorphins? I did the research and surprise: it turned out that I do exactly all the things to increase endorphins: all the things above. And then the next thought: maybe I share this idea and see if other people profit from it too? Or contradict? Or confirm?

I don't profit anything from having written down these. I wrote the above to maybe contriibute a bit to the common good for all you on PR. Who would contribute to this thread to the benefit of others?
  • Are there labs that test for endorphins? (in whichever country you are living)
  • Science: Is the idea realistic that one can replace LDN by combining activities mentioned above? How big are their endorphin-increasing effects compared to LDN? Compare via pain-reducing effect?
  • Describe own experiences
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Just a wild guess that all those endorphin-increasing methods don't simply sum up. Some, such as music and meditation, might trigger the same neural effects, so while music might make mediation easier or deeper, and vice-versa, it might not add up to music endorphins plus meditation endorphins. Likewise, taking five different spices likely won't add up to five times the endorphins.

Certainly something to experiment with, to find out what does work well for you.

If you wanted to experiment with LDN again, I found that taking it sublingually required about 30% lower dosage, and I could take it every 36 hrs instead of every 24 hrs (didn't quite last 48 hrs). Maybe at this lower dosage it might not affect your sleep. It didn't affect my sleep, but it didn't affect my sleep at 6 mg/day either.


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It appears quite common that LDN causes sleep disturbance for a lot of people. I found the suggestion to take it in the morning when it affects sleep fixed the sleep problem, but only as long as I took it before 8 a.m.