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Campaign for Better Health Care


kelly posted this to CO-CURE today

[if: I know nothing about this organization, but thought it might be of interest]

An organization called the National Partnership is launching a major new
initiative, the Campaign for Better Care


to ensure that all Americans realize the promise of health reform.

The *Campaign for Better Care * led by the National Partnership, Community
Catalyst and the National Health Law Program, with funding from The Atlantic
Philanthropies now begins the critical work of convincing
policymakers to implement reform in ways that give people the comprehensive,
coordinated health care they need especially older adults and individuals
with multiple chronic conditions, and those who are sickest and most

The partnership is putting together a slideshow of personal stories where
patients can share their personal experiences. The campaign is also on




Senior Member
Woodridge, IL
it looks like this once again completely leaves out people who are not seniors and have chronic health issues....even though it says in a couple of places "individuals with multiple chronic conditions" when you actually try to tell your story, they only want to hear from people who are taking care of seniors with chronic conditions or from the seniors themselves....and pretty much all the info on the site is geared soley towards senriors

not that I am at all opposed to making things better for seniros, but there IS more help available for them and they generally ARE living on higher incomes than younger people with chronic health conditions (& since the younger people will be likley living longer, they have to try to make do on next to nothing for a lot longer time period, whihc compounds the situation).....so typical - so sick of this cr@p about forgetting younger people with chronic conditions who are comepltey unable to work

not to mention that the site itself is pretty vague about what they actually want to do....they give goals that sound admirable, but no specifics about how they really would like things to look or how they would expect to achieve them.....they do mentions htings like evidence based and best care, though & as most PWCs know, the supposed evidence based care is NOT good care at all.....sounds liek this types of plan would just result in us being stuck with GET/CBT types of treaments