Calling on Christ


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Los Angeles, USA
O Lord Jesus Christ
stay beside me to defend me,
within me to guide me,
before me to lead me,
behind me to guard me,
and above me to bless me;​
that with you and in you
I may live and move and have my being,
for ever and ever.


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I have been sick for almost a week, and getting worse, on Avelox, not doing better, in fact worse. This post was a gift today Andrew. Calling the doctor's office was a major doing as the one who prescribed the Avelox is not in today. I could not raise to the occasion of deciding who to call, and then worrying about the rebuf. Finally placed the call and I have an appointment in three hours.

Thank you again, need to rest.

Was it him ?

You will say I'm mad,i know it...
But i did see god in town last night.
He was serving tea to a travelling man,
And his words were these....

Can you find it in your heart to trust me,
Allthough many who call me lord
Don't care for you and your kind,
They'll pass you by and call you scum....
But can you find it in your heart to trust me
And into my kingdom come ? "

Yes, you will think that I'm crazy, i know...
But i did see god in town last night
And i know that some would'nt quite like it
For he gave a cigarette to a tramp in the street
And said

"Can you find it in your heart to love me,
Though many who would call me saviour
Dont consider you fit for their church,
They'll turn their heads and call you scum,
But will you trust,and into my kingdom come ? "

Yes, you'll say I'm mistaken i know....
And you'll shake your head as you go
But i did see god in town last night
He was talking to a girl whose trade was vile
But i saw nothing but love in his eyes

He asked her to come to the kingdoms gate,
And accept that she was his child,
Though many who use her, call her scum,
His words were allways the same...

"will you come child,will you come ?