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Calcium Antagonists


Senior Member
Hi all, does anyone know from experience or research what the main calcium antagonists are? I am trying to up my calcium intake and from my own diet experience, feel bad with any foods or supplements that cause calcium imbalance. I have so far figured out these ones but feel free to add any ones I may have missed. Thanks

Excess Sodium
Anything acid (Citric, Malic etc).
Very high protein Diets (Due to phosphorus?)


Senior Member
I wouldn't say magnesium is Ca antagonist, they rather go hand in hand and we usually don't get enough magnesium, they're both alkaline. Next to fructose I would put any diet high in sugar and white flours, also anything that increases blood sugar too much, but not fruit in a natural form. Phosphorus can be in soft drinks as well, it is also put in meats in form of salts so organic meat is better. I am not sure if citric or malic acids can cause calcium loss.


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Not 100% sure but is CCB used when intracellular calcium is too high?

I don't know the answer to this and wish that I understood it better. In general, Calcium Channel Blockers are used to lower blood pressure and my understanding is that they do this by preventing calcium from entering the cells of your heart and arteries.

But there are also medications & supplements (that are used for other purposes than lowering blood pressure) that also have calcium channel blocking properties.

Magnesium helps me a lot. I had voltage gated calcium channel antibodies test and they were negative.

In my case, I did (and still do) test positive for voltage gated calcium channel autoantibodies and I cannot tolerate magnesium at all and completely avoid it in meds & supplements. I was told not to take any medications that block the calcium channel. But my overall grasp on all of this is still very limited.