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C60 in olive oil: a recommendation

After a 2 week trial I would like to report that I've found C60 in olive oil useful.

C60 is a 60 atom carbon molecule shaped like a soccer ball. They are called buckminsterfullerenes or bucky balls for short. When mixed with olive oil it can enter cellular membranes and acts as a potent antioxidant as well as having potential effects on stem cells, DNA, mitochondria, methylation, and protein folding.

I am really tired and there are a few threads on C60 already, so I will let you look up those if you're curious.

I am at about 1/5 my pre illness activity level (physical and mental), only 6 months in, and I do not have severe chemical sensitivities, just more like a bunch of food and environmental allergies that I didn't have before. I have lost a ton of weight, much of it muscle, and have gut and autonomic problems, as well as a bunch of the adrenal problems. So your mileage may vary.

I find that 3 mg of C60 5 days a week has nearly doubled the amount of time I can spend on my feet or engaged in mental activity before I start to get that sh!tty feverish, drunken feeling that warns me to back off.

I also have not had nearly as much anxiety since I started taking it. I don't think this is a placebo effect. It increases my appetite also.

I would suggest it the most for those who are at a similar place in their illness - somewhat active and still able to tolerate new supplements.

OK I must sleep. Getting the inflamed brain sensation.
So you have more stamina? I'm confused as how it is helping if you are still tired.

Yes, exactly. I have more physical and mental stamina, I can go longer before I get loopy and feverish, but I still feel exhausted all day. I still remember my previous energy levels longingly.


But I Look So Good.
Left Coast
That's still something. Very interesting. @stevesayshi now that I think about it that might not be good. You have more stamina so you do too much and then have an epic crash.
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I actually get "normally" physically tired before I crash on c60. But then again I have been pretty careful for the past 2 months in general. Again, I still *feel* exhausted, though I know it could be worse.