Burning, Menthol/Mint feeling at Back of Throat?

(unsure whether to place this under here [pain] or PEM, but i figure if anyone else has this and searches for it, they'd use "burning" or some adjective similar, which would be considered pain :/)

Every so often - after I've pushed myself too much and start to feel like I'm crashing - I experience this weird burning feeling at the back+top/back of my throat. It's not really a "painful" sensation, more like a cool-but-hot burn, like menthol cough drops or mint. It's annoying, and noticeable, but not painful. More noticeable when I breathe in.

*I do not smoke, or use menthol cough drops, for reference
*I have yet to decipher whether this feeling occurs when I'm having the appearance of "red crescents" at the back of my throat, may be related, but I've only had this burning a handful of times
*Haven't been sick, aside from suspected-me/cfs stuff

Anyone experience something similar?