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British Scam Cure advocated on TV

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from the publication Private Eye

"ME sufferers were stunned recently to receive threatening letters when they posted their views on the "Lightening Process", a programme that allegedly produces "amazing results" for people not only with ME but "anxiety, panic attack, over-eating, low self-esteem and guilt" too. When sufferers started reporting they had paid 600 for a course that did not work for the, they received warning of defamation proceedings if they did not recant."

(issue 1248, p10, about halfway down the "Legal News" section)


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a scam, con, trick, deception

If anyone from the perveyors of the lightning process would like to issue legal proceedings against me please do so.
If you can elicit any money from myself you are in the wrong business, because i am broke, bankrupt, have no money, have no life. In fact please instigate legal proceedings against me at once, without delay. Come on i'm ready, do your worse, don't delay.

Kind regards, Simon Wessely, kings college, London


Here is one website with three accounts of the Lightning Process *if it's not ok to post a link to this site let me know or remove the link*


I know people who have done the Lightning Process, none of them are cured but many of them have said it helped them 'get out of rut'. They used the same sentence which was weird. I wanted to challenge them but they weren't the people to debate, I've tried some pretty desperate things in my ME career, even the cold showers one, so I'm not one to talk.

The Lightning Process will get their way by threatening to sue. You cannot get Legal Aid to fight libel cases in the UK. People with ME are not known for rolling in money and aren't exactly attractive for pro bono work, so LP will bully and suppress the voices of these people eventually.