Breathing & meditation

I posted this in another subforum but nobody answered, didn't know if you could help or tell me where to post it?

I'm not quite sure which forum to post this in but ive been reading about the importance of breathing/meditation in healing our bodies. It's talked about as meditation periods through the day, during exercise in Dr Stevens protocol & to help us fall asleep as well as when we can't sleep.
My question is are all there of these the same type of breathing? Bc if you're doing it all the time wouldn't it stop being relaxing if you need it during exercise, to recover during the day, and then to go to sleep?
Can someone explain this? Or direct me to where I can learn about the different types?


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"My question is are all there of these the same type of breathing?" do you mean 3 instead of there?

I am no expert but I think they can be all the same type or varied. Not sure where to direct you to, I am sure if you googled it, it would come up with a ton of hits, but perhaps search for your question specifically?

PS I thing you put the thread under a good section. FYI