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Bovine gel capsules?


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Okay, I thought this was absurd but I ran out of vegetable gel capsules the other day and the chemist only had bovine; coincidentally, that exact same evening, my histamine issues started going haywire, which I kept presuming was either the Methyl-B12 I had started taking a few days prior, or the carnivore diet I was experimenting with.

Things kept getting progressively worse and I was experiencing severe depression, anxiety, gut inflammation etc. I finally picked up some more vegetable capsules yesterday and switched back and the symptoms vanished. Sadly, so did the increased energy I was experiencing (I always seem to have more energy when reacting to something).

Anyway is it plausible I couldn't tolerate bovine capsules? I have bad reactions to things like tallow, rendered animal fat etc., so maybe my body interprets the capsules as a kind of 'aged' or processed animal product?


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Hi, ODT, someone in my family is that sensitive to small things. To me, it seems possible. I, too have more energy and strength with beef (or any ruminant, or chicken livers), but it makes me kind of wound up and slightly agitated and edgy, even when I buy it from the rancher.

With the bovine capsules, it could be the amines, and/or the processing.

I now have hives, and when I eat anything high in amines, such as beef or bison, the hives flare up. The better the quality of the red meat, the less the flare up.

I use Great lakes grass-fed beef gelatin, and it does not cause flare ups for me. But, I can see how it could for someone else.

I don't know where pharmacies get their capsules. I rather doubt that they use 100% grass-fed beef bones or hides for the gelatin. And using high temperature in processing the gelatin creates more amines, too.

I know some who can eat gelatin from bones but not from hides.


Your carnivore diet could be full of amines.

Here is an article, at Emma Davies' blog on the FailSafe Diet, on how to reduce amines in meat, eggs, and diary:


and here is the page on various amine content of selected foods, also at that site:


If your diet is high in amines, I don't know if the capsules could be named the culprit.

My sensitivity to amines is such that if I were to eat an all-meat diet, I would need freshly slaughtered meat, probably field dressed, to buy that day, and eat within a day or two.

The RPAH (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) Elimination diet is the official name of the FailSafe diet. Sue Dengate has a website on Food Intolerance, and there are several posts there, from people writing in about there experiences with amines, reducing amines, reactions, etc., if it is of use to you:


Are you keeping low salicylates or glutamates, or any of the other naturally occurring food chemicals? I have found keeping those low to have reduced many unpleasant symptoms for me.

I wish you success. :)
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