Bounding/Quinickes Pulse - Inflammatory Component?


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So I've been feeling my pulse almost everywhere in my body for a while now. It feels as if all the arteries in my body are inflamed. My hands pulse, temple arteries, stomach artery, artery in my back, etc. I noticed that my arteries have been pounding so much I can see my fingernails blinking with the beat of my heart. This is called quinickes pulse. Normally this means you have aaortic valve insufficiency, however I've had many chest x-rays and EKGs and they've all been fine.

I've recently come across this case report of quinickes pulse being caused by Inflammation. Heres the article:!po=6.25000

All the inflammation was caused by bug bites. There is a video at the bottom which shows what it looks like. This video is the closest visual representation to what it feels like all over my body. I'll post a similar video here from youtube if you can't download the video from the article.

So I've been wondering what type of inflammation causes this type of reaction? I'm sure histamine is one component. Now I'm just wondering how do I get rid of it? It's been unbearable as it's 24/7.


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Have you ever heard of Reynauds? That can cause a throbbing sensation which could be mistaken for a "pulse". Can also cause nails to change from red to white as the amount of blood to your extremities (fingers/toes) fluctuates.


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My mom had a cardiac ultrasound in the hospital. Wouldn't something like that be more appropriate for diagnosing something like this?
Your condition seems to differ somewhat from what Dr Systrom found with some patients having preload failure but I wonder if preload failure is also caused infection as the above link says.
I'm really beginning to think a lot of ME/CFS fatigue for some of us is the result of some type of infection that caused damage to the heart but which does not show up with the normal tests.

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