Borrelia / Relapsing fever - suggestions for treatment?

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, so i'm sorry, if not. ;)

However, i'm asking something for Martin (Paused M.E.) because he is not able to at the moment.
He was tested positive for Borrelia via R.E.D. Labs (Phage Borrelia qPCR). The result says that a Relapsing fever group (B. hermsii, B. parkeri, B. turicatae) was detected.
Has anyone experienced the same / something similar or has an idea, how to treat that?
I read that some people treated a borrelia with antibiotics followed by disulfiram, but i'm not really sure if that would be helpful in this case.

And is it possible that this old infection causes his ME/CFS?
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