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BodyTalk Balance Your Cortices in 1 minute


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Gold Coast Australia
good adjunct to Guptas theory

Hi Kelly,
This is brilliant and thank you for posting. Fits in so well with my Gupta program. I recently had a similar trreatment called Neurolink and I he said I would notice a differnce next week. Forgot all about it and the next week I did my first spring clean in 11 yrs.!!!!! Gupta says all our problems stem from the Amygdala and this adresses this issue. It is a wonderful adjunct to Guptas program.
Thank you


Phoenix Rising Founder
Interesting stuff. I did it - did feel a bit calmer. (Love these easy quick exercises!) What I noticed when I did it was - as I have ever since I got ME/CFS - a band of tension (like a rock) wrapping around the front of my forehead).

I used to have such weird feelings in my head- particularly in that third eye area - it would almost throb at times.

The head, neck and shoulder is such a locus of tension for me.


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Central Texas
balancing cortices

I've had a headache ever since I did it. It feels like a detox headache. I wonder if it's connected.

Might as well try it again. It was easy to learn, which I really appreciate.

Thanks for the comments!


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"Bodytalk" suffers from a name even worse than "CFS". Sounds like a Suzanne Somer's infomercial product. :eek:

However, this is precisely the energy medicine system that a friend of mine used to get her over that final hump to about a 90-95% return to health, after being sick with CFS/MCS for over 17 years.

I don't yet have her permission to use her name, but her husband is well known in CFS/ME circles, and perhaps I can convince her to join the group and tell of her experiences. The potential problem (in some people's eyes) is that she has since taken the training to become a B-T practioner herself, so some might see that as her motivation to come out and speak. Sad...

Anyway, there are quite a few bodytalk videos on youtube as well.

Thanks for posting this Kelly,



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I'd actually like to learn more about this bodytalk. I dunno how much it could help, but I noticed after I tried out the "cortices" technique that I felt more balanced and that it "stuck". I have been hit or miss with the various energy medicine stuff, sometimes it seems to help, sometimes not at all, sometimes transiently. Do you have to take a class to learn this? Or can you get a DVD or something? I'd be willing to try something if it was safe and might help a bit..


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I gave this a try and am going to keep going with it for awhile, as they say the effects are cumulative.

The site has a book explaining the techniques, plus I noticed some DVDs and CDs.

Thanks for the tip! I'm passing it on to a few friends, not CFS folks; heaven knows we can all use some calm and concentration with all the stimulus we get.


permanently dislabeled
body talk is potent stuff, working on all dimensions of the being. please be careful with it! i had the top bodytalker in canada do some sessions for me while hospitalized. i felt horrible after, like i was psychotic... later i had the inventor of the technique himself come to my bedside at home; through ak he assessed that my body did NOT want anymore bodytalk. he just did a small attunement for mind and heart and even this left me like my soul was ripped to shreds. mind you, at worst, i was sicker than ANY one i've ever heard of, but if the inventor of bodytalk says it's not for everyone, i'd believe him and not any of his students. i was the official guinea pig for this one.


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Ashland, Oregon
Combining the Cortices Technique with Earthing

Hi All,

I must made a post entitled, "Combining the Cortices Technique with Earthing" on the Earthing thread. I thought I would mention it on this old thread, as I think learning how to balance our body's and brain's natural EMFs is important. Just one reason is that it apparently has the ability to balance the hemispheres of our brains and negate some of the harmful effects of artificial EMFs we're all bombarded with on a daily basis.

Best, Wayne


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Similar to EFT ,check out David Childerley on YOUTUBE, thanks fr this every little helps, even too have a moments feeling of improvement