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So either I have OI or NMH who knows they wont test give me tilt over here ....they tell me that my dysautomomia/cfs/fibro is all caused by ptsd anyway i found out my bp drops froma healthy 120/75 to 60/40 on standing up. Is this a normal reading for cfs and apart from support stockings water and salt is there anything else i can use to improve it because they said that as its normal at rest medication wouldnt be a possibility. I HATE THIS DISEASE AND WHAT IT DOES TO US. there doesnt seem to be one symptom that i havent had apart from a high temperature God bless us all!!


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Cort had Dr Rowe's webinaire posted - you can view it here

The written material is here

As is written there - diet is very important - it is hard figuring out the delayed food or other chemical hypersensitivities

I also find a vasoconstrictor drug, (as Dr. Rowe mentions) to help me. I take it first thing in the morning and if i go back to bed for an hour or so and sit upright, I have a better time with the rest of the day

I havent had a tilt table test - I had the "poor mans test" which was sufficient to diagnose that I have problems with dysautonomia

There is a thread on dysautonomia here


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Hi Sleepy,

Your BP reading isn't so unusual for ME/CFSers--but of course it is very abnormal. I got really abnormal readings on my tilt test and the longer they kept me standing the weirder they became with the diastolic rising and the systolic going down. I think these days I drop about 30 points systolic on standing for 5 minutes.

OI is kind of my barometer for how I am doing--bad day=lots of OI. Good day, not such bad OI.

I do use some great Italian cotton support knee socks from They are the house brand--Allegro and are called Samba. I found I needed to order one size larger than their size charts. They help enormously. I like them better than support stockings--more comfortable. Also use an abdominal binder on bad days.

What has helped my most is any vasoconstrictor as GlenP mentioned. I have tried a number of drugs, and as for drugs, the ones that increased norepinephrine worked really well. Caffeine also helps me but not everyone. I am not taking the drugs anymore but day to day rely on the compression socks and caffeine.

And, forgot to mention, hydration. In really bad times a couple of bags of IV saline works wonders. Or, if you can't get that, a whole liter of Pedialite (in the States--it is an electrolite drink for kids with dehydration) is a decent substitute.



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Dysautonomia or OI, POTS etc do not always happen with CFS. They happen from illness, stress, car accidents and many reasons. I have POTS but my bp doesn't go down very far, mine goes up, it varies. I have been diagnosed with POTS. It is being treated by a integrative doctor with supplements.

I hope you can find a good doctor to help you with medicine and supplements. If the bp goes way down, salt helps a lot of people. I drink at least 2 liters of water daily. It is very important for blood volume.

Keep your calves strong to pump the blood up. I do a few calf raises. I also keep my core strong. Strong muscles help. You do not have to work out, just do a few careful exercises. I do mine when my hubby is home in case I feel bad.

Keeping your head up while sleeping just a bit is good also. When you wake up, move around and sit up. Wait a little bit. DRINK water.... Then get up.