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Black Mold - Is this really a thing?


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I came across this girls journey on youtube and she feels she's finally found the answer to her issues Black mold! The thing is it sounds like she's going to an integrative doctor or something like that and the test she had doesn't sound very legit to me. Is it possible to have black mould showing up in your blood analysis? It sounds like she could literally see the mould in her blood. Just wanted to hear your thoughts. Starts at the 5:52 mark.


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Pacific Northwest
I recently attended a class for doctors on mycotoxins, given by a scientist at Great Plains Laboratories. He went through the various types of mold/fungi, the toxins they create, and the significant health problems they create, and how they can be found and treated.

Many people do have mycotoxins problems, originating from water damaged buildings, from grains, legumes, dairy products and other foods stored for long periods.

My functional medicine doctor has had this on our To Do list and my ME/CFS specialist brought it up last week and we are doing some tests to see if its a problem.

Its important to figure out which mold and mycotoxins you have as treatment is specific to each toxin.


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Seattle, WA USA
Thanks! And Dr K is running those for you? I need to start working with him again here soon, but have two issues still to take care of locally. At least my local Dr finally agreed to work with Dr K so that I can have blood drawn again! That was so frustrating when my lab refused to draw blood any more. *hmph*