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BIRM - Biological Immune Response Modulator


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Los Angeles, USA
My urologist told me to look into BIRM. I don't think he was endorsing it, just saying that it's an emerging area of interest for prostate cancer. One thing that caught my attention was this comment:

In a recent development the U of Miami has been granted 1.2 million
tax dollars for further BIRM study by the NIH. the study is a
precursor to human studies and will take 3-4 years. Source here

IOW, someone is taking it seriously.

I also found this interesting:

During his research, he observed that his patients' general state of health improved noticeably when he gave them the essential ingredient of BIRM a variety of Bittersweet Nightshade. Laboratory examinations indicating anemia and the patients' inability to assimilate nutrition was greatly reduced. Generally, he found that their state of well being was improved 80% with his plant extract. He also noted that patients who were treated with chemotherapy had a better tolerance to the toxic effects of the chemical treatment. Further observation determined these patients had an improved quality of life over those who did not receive the plant extract. Source here

I'm posting this because CFS people get cancer and CFS people are looking for immune stuff. I realize this is a long shot, but it is sort of interesting.


Although I am a `bit' late in responding to this article - I hope others are still discovering it, and that Andrew sees my response, because I cannot express my gratitude adequately enough, for the posting of this information.

I've been looking at the causal links between ME/CFS and Cancer and simultaneously working on radically improving my diet for it to contain much more raw-based, `purer' food products to not only improve my gut flora and the digestion of nutrients, that plays such a vital role in good immune function but to but to improve my lymphatic functioning+reduce the number of toxins my poor dysfunctioning immune system has to process before it even gets to the more significant elimination stages, in the hope that I can give it a fighting chance to fundamentally heal at a cellular level.

On reading all the site info - BIRM has been the first product to significantly tick all all the right boxes of my self-medication (through natural plant and food resources) objectives, as I have had extreme physiological reactions through MCS and allergies to standard medicines prescribed to me & alongside noticing major differences in the number of infections and colds I succumb to, and how specific food stuffs inhibit proper digestive functioning and bring me out in things like very painful hives, if I reintroduce them after first eliminating them completely eg commercial cane sugar, which creates a very acid stomach environment etc - so this now makes sense for me to invest financially in trying a product, after looking at many, many sites promising to cure me but without sufficient biological research and testing to convince me they've not just seen me coming..! and the dollar/pound signs are rolling in their eyes :)

so I intend to order this product online for myself, once the site's technicians have finished updating the online retail shopping cart system, at: www.bioimmunewonder.com

I am concerned, having known a lot of people in my family and amongst friends who have been diagnosed with cancer, that information about this significant breakthrough in BIRM research and treatment - reaches as many people as possible. I have to be honest - my faith was dwindling - but this has given me a renewed sense of optimism that there are answers out there, perhaps even a cure and that the more people like Edwin Cevallos Arellano, MD, are out there working hard to get to these answers, the closer we will get to a cure for this devastating illness.
Sterling work!


I'm so glad there are more and more discoveries about ways to tackle prostate cancer. It's such a scary disease and I fear for my elder sister sometimes. I have heard that it's important to have a prostate-healthy diet so we do cook things with tomatoes, onions, and soy, which I've heard are good for prostates.