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billy meier


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'' 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) was born in Bülach, Switzerland on the 3rd of February, 1937 and currently resides at the Semjase-Silver-Star-Center (SSSC), Hinterschmidrüti, Switzerland, which he helped build and establish. For over 80 years he has been regularly communicating face to face and telepathically with extraterrestrial human beings and has published that information.
He began contacts with the Plejaren in 1942 at the age of 5 years old. These contacts have been ongoing ever since and have also expanded to contacts with other extraterrestrial beings throughout the universe.
Billy, acting as teacher, mediator and spokesperson, unravels the fascinating, often previously mysterious, things they've been granted permission to explain for us; in order to assist us all in the wider good of our monumental task, moving forward into the future, of guiding ourselves, our planet Earth, and our own mankind, slowly toward actual civilization.
The most important information imparted by Eduard and his contacts is the knowledge of the true spiritual teaching, together with the contact information with reference to many topics concerning terrestrial humankind.
On the 28th January, 1975, he began the series known as the Contact Reports with Semjase, a Pleiadian/Plejaran woman. The articles and excerpts contained here expound upon his very extensive and interesting life. It was at this time that the opportunity was presented to Billy to photograph several of their Beamships/anti-gravity spaceship manoeuvres as a means of giving weight and fortifying the position, story and claims. He took plenty of photos, over 1,000, some of these are presented in the Gallery. The contact conversations were stored by the Plejaren on a device and resent to him telepathically so that he could type them out later. They contain many interesting things about history, humanities, sciences and spiritual topics. Since 1989 Billy has been having approximately four meetings a year with Ptaah, the father of Semjase, and there is now well over 700 contacts to read. The Plejarens life expectancy is roughly ten times ours, so a certain maturity and fundamentally different perspective is quite often presented in these documents. ''

To begin scratching the surface of Billy’s hundreds of profound teaching materials: There are two extensive sources of information that Billy wrote years ago: 1. OM (also referred to as “The Book of Books”), which details amazingly important spiritual and scientific information via almost poetic, astonishingly beautiful, writings. Speaking for myself, I treasure this Book above every book I possess because of the evolutive value in my life. The OM provided the wisdom I required to become free from religion. 2. KELCH DER WAHRHEIT (The Goblet of the Truth) - also referred to as “The Teachings of the Prophets”. This very large book contains every piece of information a human being requires in order to lead a life of Love, Peace, Freedom, Harmonie, Health, and Joy. Start with either of these books of wisdom and, if you truly wish to evolve (become truthfully wise), you will be filled with wonder.
there are several lifetimes worth of reading in his books and contact notes, he's been saying the same things since the 1970's, People need to actually do something and put his knowledge and wisdom into practice and start spreading logical rational thought and actions over the world.


TheyFly.com | Billy Meier : The only authentic extraterrestrial contactee - thousands of pages here in English , quite a few of his books have been translated into English available on theyfly.com also. Goblet of the truth a massive book was translated into English and given free to the public by pdf download here- https://www.figu.org/ch/files/downl...r_wahrheit_goblet-of-the-truth_v_20150307.pdf
There are online programs that can help you to learn read the German language if you wish to read his other books which haven't been translanted to English.

A lot of people get excited at first but that excitement will soon fade you know his books are not to be read quickly just once it can take weeks, months or years to meditate on just one passage. You can choose from the books already translated. If you have a will to learn German, that is recommended due to the inadequacy of the English language. Due to that fact, FIGU will not translate any more of Billy's books and take that responsibility of misunderstandings. Why it's up to each country to make their own translations under the condition that the original German be printed alongside their own language. The book I want on meditation is still in German. Yet I am still trying to digest the books I already have. Give it a chance.

You might ask what does this have to do with CFS? well he provides a lot of information regarding health that you can find online that I personally have benefitted from.


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heard of him before yeah, no idea about these 'aliens' he mentions, I have no experience with UFO despite keeping my eyes out for them. I haven't been able to find much 'truth' about what they actually are but I do believe that some of the stories do actually describe 'something' extraordinary happening, as theres just way too many accounts of these 'ufo' . The way you describe this billy character though it sounds a bit cultish, I mean to treat another human as being somehow above us is a bit strange, even if they do have paranormal abilities.