Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), H2O2, Borax, and Methylene Blue


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I have read so much about how bicarbonates can help kill candida. I tried it a couple days ago and felt terrible a few hours after taking it. Headache, heart palpitations, and a VERY white, furry tongue. Much more so than before I took it. Is this die off, or is the alkaline environment making it worse?

My hands also felt smooth and healthier after taking it as well (although this temporarily happens after eating tons of sugar as well...I'm assuming due to feeding the fungal infection but then comes back much worse later). My hands are usually dried, cracked, painful, and bleeding.

Should I stick with the bicarbonate? I'm also going to order some food grade h2o2. I see 3% and 35%. I can get a much better deal on the 35%. Is that still safe to use? Like can I just add a few drops of the the 35% to a glass of water and drink?

I'm also on borax, 1/4 teaspoon a day which seems to help a lot so far. no negatives except for a huge boost in male hormones like I've never experienced before. I feel like a teenager again. :wide-eyed:

Also heard some positives on methylene blue. Anyone tried this? Is there a recommended brand?

my expierence is, that it makes it worse. Also the Ammonium, that is produced by Candida or Sibo will be absorbed much more into the Body because of the alkaline Environment, which may be the reason for your Headache, heart palpitations and so on. May be.

The Environment should be quite acid. My expierence.