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Bhupesh Prusty - latest research study


Senior Member
This was his reply to me asking about the something in the blood and why there has been no further research on it
Yeah we should expect nothing from this guy. It seemed suspect from the very beginning. He never disclosed any source of substantial funding. I appreciate him caring enough to do anything at all for us, but let's keep it real, he is giving 4-5 hours a week to CFS. That in my opinion doesn't classify you as a CFS researcher. He is extremely temperamental and defensive and clearly wants to be looked at as a hero, and talks himself up as a total martyr. Like I said, I appreciate any time given to us at all, but 4-5 hours a week doesn't even make you a legit CFS researcher, much less some hero or martyr. He is all talk, I am moving on from him completely.


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Does anyone know if there are other groups besides Dr, Prusty researching similar work on herpes viruses and mitochondria and finding similar results?