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Betulinic acid for EBV and Echoviruses

Hei everyone

Does anyone have experience with betulinic acid? Or maybe with birch bark or chaga mashrom extract which contains betulinic acid?
I am looking for any dosage information for humans. I couldnt find any.

Betulinic acid is effectiv against several viruses. Especially the effectivness against echoviruses is from big intresst for me.

Thanks Hip :)

I found an extremely interesting study about a novel option to treat ebv with a combination of betulinic acid and chidamide.

Chidamide promotes some proteine production from the lytic cycle of ebv and make therefore the viruses more suseptible to the antiviral betulinic acid.


What do you think of this treatment for ebv?
Any comments?
Or has anyone allready tried to reactivate ebv to a lytic cycle with other substances?


Senior Member
What do you think of this treatment for ebv?

The idea of reactivating latent viruses in combination with an antiviral in order to try to full eliminate the virus from the body has been around for some time.

For DNA viruses, latency allows the virus to escape the immune response. If you could prevent latency, the immune system on its own would be able to completely clear the virus from the body.

I just briefly glanced at the paper, but as far as I can see, they only tested this method in vitro, and it probably will not work in vivo.