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Best ways to test for Cortisol abnormalities?

Hi there- I think I may have high or low cortisol- during crashes, the circles under my eyes become blacker, my skin flakes and I’ve noticed abdominal fat that I’ve never had before, also loss of emotional processing.

is there any supplements you’ve used to help?

it would appear getting a diagnosis of Cushing syndrome or cortisol related issue is a very long and stressful process..


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
I know in the US, you can buy test kits like this one where you take four samples of saliva at set intervals throughout the day and then mail it all into the company for the results*. Some states like NY don't allow it; and CA requires a RX--so that's something to check for ahead of time.

Also at the time, I had horrible sleep inversion so I called to ask them when my sample times should be. They were very helpful. They also want you to fill out a survey noting any thing you might be taking that could influence the test results like caffeine or cortisol. I take licorice so noted that as well.

*I will say, it seems like these test kits are getting a little harder to find online. The price also seems to have increased from when I bought mine though I don't remember exactly what I paid.

Hope that helps. (I notice amazon.uk has them as well. Ebay.com too.)